FoCo Comic Con’s Geeky Gift Guide 2023

Fort Collins Comic Con presents its Holiday Gift Guide as a Portal to Creative Universes!

Greetings, Earthlings and Intergalactic Travelers! As winter sets in and snowflakes dance in the air, it’s time to embark on an extraordinary quest through the realms of imagination and creativity. Our Holiday Gift Guide is more than just a catalog. It’s an opportunity to explore the worlds crafted by local artists, authors, and creators from Fort Collins.

Independent artists and authors shine bright in a universe dominated by mass-produced merchandise. These unsung heroes craft with love, passion, and a touch of magic. By choosing gifts from these galactic talents, you are receiving a one-of-a-kind treasure and fueling the starships of creativity and community spirit.

Our guide is packed with geeky gift suggestions that will teleport you and your loved ones to worlds beyond imagination. From artists specializing in handcrafted art that captures the essence of fantastical worlds to spellbinding stories penned by local bards, each gift is a gateway to adventure and inspiration.

Every purchase is a power-up for our local creators, helping them to continue their quests in art and storytelling. When you buy from them, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re becoming a guardian of creativity and an ally in the fight against the empire of the ordinary.

So, fellow adventurers, gear up! It’s time to explore the wonders of the Fort Collins Comic Con Holiday Gift Guide. Find that perfect gift and let’s make this holiday season a celebration of creativity, community, and all things geeky!

“May your days be merry, your nights filled with stars, and your holidays filled with adventure!”

Happy Holidays from Fort Collins Comic Con!

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Step into a gallery of galaxies where every brush stroke tells a tale of otherworldly wonder. These artists are the visionaries of our time, capturing moments from alternate realities, crafting scenes from epic sagas, and bringing to life characters from the depths of their boundless imaginations. Prepare to be transported to realms where art and fantasy collide.

Auxwave Creations
Auxwave Creations, the brainchild of two married artists, combines weird, cute, dark, and colorful themes in both fan and original art. Their collaborative work captures a unique style that’s perfect for those who adore something a little different.
Shop Auxwave Creations

AV Studios
AV Studios, an Aurora, CO based husband/wife team, fuses skills to bring you unique etched drinkware and handmade linocut prints, highlighting their love of video games, comics, and anime.
Shop AV Studios

Bryan Pedersen
As a professional comic book cover artist, Bryan Pedersen offers a range of comic book pinup art and a variety of horror art. His online collection includes different prints and original art pieces.
Shop Bryan Pedersen’s Art
Bryan Pedersen Image 1
Bryan Pedersen Image 2
Bryan Pedersen Image 3
Bryan Pedersen Image 4

Floating Frogs
Floating Frogs offers an array of cute froggy (and non-froggy) items, including stationery and pins. Their collection is perfect for everyone who loves a dose of adorable in their lives.
Shop Floating Frogs
Floating Frogs Image 1
Floating Frogs Image 2
Floating Frogs Image 3

Lee Oaks
Lee Oaks presents Thunder Monkey comics and art, offering a unique range of comic book style art that is sure to captivate any enthusiast of the genre.
Shop Lee Oaks’ Art
Lee Oaks Image

Leone the Artist
Leone the Artist creates items inspired by 90s anime style. Her most popular offerings are frosted glass cups adorned with beloved anime characters, as well as tote bags, stickers, keychains, pop sockets, and paintings. Perfect for anime enthusiasts!
Shop Leone the Artist
Leone the Artist Image 1
Leone the Artist Image 2
Leone the Artist Image 3
Leone the Artist Image 4

Rainbow Tigon
Rose Schramm’s Rainbow Tigon offers handmade plushies, stickers, and costumes that are as unique as they are charming. If you’re looking for something handcrafted with care, Rainbow Tigon’s creations are a perfect choice.
Shop Rainbow Tigon
Rainbow Tigon Image

Shifty Sphynx
Shifty Sphynx, led by Amanda or Shifty, is a haven for fans of vibrant fan art. With over 4 years of experience, Shifty Sphynx’s collection is ideal for those who love bold and expressive artwork.
Shop Shifty Sphynx
Shifty Sphynx Image


Embark on a literary odyssey with authors who weave words like wizards casting spells. Each page is a portal, leading to adventures across time and space, through dystopian futures, and into the hearts of mythical lands. Their stories are not just read; they’re experienced, taking you on a journey beyond the boundaries of the ordinary world.

Awesome in Action, CO
Nicholas Roussos, under Awesome in Action, CO, brings inspiring stories for young readers. His book “Helping in Action” is not only entertaining but also introduces another culture and teaches important life lessons.
Shop Awesome in Action, CO
Awesome in Action, CO Image

Jim Cronin
Jim Cronin’s works, such as “The King of Gems” and “Aeon Rises,” blend science fiction and fantasy. His stories are perfect for those who love epic adventures that span across various genres.
Shop Jim Cronin’s Books
Jim Cronin Image 1
Jim Cronin Image 2
Jim Cronin Image 3
Jim Cronin Image 4

Starry Knight Studios
Brian Sullivan’s “Polarnoids” comic strips from Starry Knight Studios offer a mix of humor and wordplay, making them a delightful read for those who appreciate light-hearted and witty comics.
Shop Starry Knight Studios
Starry Knight Studios Image 1
Starry Knight Studios Image 2

Alicia Wilder
Alicia Wilder’s novel blends geek culture and romance, offering a fresh take on love stories. Her geek love novel is a wonderful choice for those who enjoy contemporary romantic tales with a twist.
Shop Alicia Wilder’s Books
Alicia Wilder Image

Author Drew Bankston
Drew Bankston’s Khizaran archeologist series is an engaging sci-fi journey through the cosmos. His books are perfect for readers who love exploring new worlds and uncovering cosmic mysteries.
Shop Drew Bankston’s Books
Author Drew Bankston Image

Evan Hundhausen
Evan Hundhausen presents “Jill The Treasure Huntress – Watching The Warrior,” a comic book that combines adventure and intrigue. A great pick for those who enjoy female warrior narratives and rich illustrations.
Shop Evan Hundhausen’s Comics
Evan Hundhausen Image 1
Evan Hundhausen Image 2
Evan Hundhausen Image 3

“The OOGC’s ‘One World: An A’Kyria Novel’ takes readers on a perilous journey through the fantastical realm of A’Kyria. It’s an excellent choice for fans of adventure and fantasy.
Shop The OOGC’s Books
The OOGC Image

Adam Gaffen
Adam Gaffen’s ‘THE ARTEMIS WAR’ series, set in a future on the brink of revolution, offers a blend of science fiction and political intrigue. Ideal for readers who enjoy deep space sagas and complex narratives.
Shop Adam Gaffen’s Books
Adam Gaffen Image

M.R. Tapia
M.R. Tapia, a dark fiction author, weaves tales that challenge comfort zones with ‘The Die-Fi Experiment’, ‘Sugar Skulls’, and ‘Lords of Eden’. A must-read for fans of dark and thought-provoking fiction.
Shop M.R. Tapia’s Books
M.R. Tapia Image

Ses Elis
Ses Elis brings gothic horror to life with ‘Beyond the Wall’, a comic that narrates an old man’s stories about the end of the world. An intriguing read for those who love gothic horror and compelling storytelling.
Shop Ses Elis’s Comics
Ses Elis Image 1
Ses Elis Image 2
Ses Elis Image 3

Rachel Rener
Rachel Rener, an award-winning author, writes contemporary romantasy books filled with heart, humor, and science-based magic. Her books are a delightful treat for those who enjoy a blend of romance and fantasy.
Shop Rachel Rener’s Books
Rachel Rener Image

A.J. Calvin
A.J. Calvin’s ‘The Caein Legacy’ and ‘The Relics of War’ series are a journey into epic fantasy. These narratives are perfect for adults who love intricate world-building and complex characters.
Shop A.J. Calvin’s Books
A.J. Calvin Image 1
A.J. Calvin Image 2
A.J. Calvin Image 3

Collectors/Toy Shops

Discover a treasure trove where nostalgia meets novelty. These collector’s havens and toy shops are not just stores; they’re time machines to your fondest memories and gateways to new fandoms. From vintage action figures to the latest collectibles, every item is a piece of a larger universe, waiting to become a cherished part of your epic collection.

The Crowded Bookshelf
The Crowded Bookshelf, a unique independent bookstore in Fort Collins, CO, offers a diverse range of new and used books, audiobooks, and various gift items. It’s a treasure trove for book lovers and those seeking thoughtful, bookish gifts.
Shop at The Crowded Bookshelf
The Crowded Bookshelf Image


Enter a realm where crafters are the alchemists of our time, transforming everyday materials into extraordinary creations. Their crafts are the stuff of legends, be it hand-stitched garments fit for elven kings or hand-forged trinkets that could belong in a dragon’s hoard. Each piece is infused with a magic only a true artisan’s hands can conjure.

Keilani McConnell
Keilani McConnell offers an artistic blend of Perler bead and clay crafts, creating unique pendants and earrings. Her diverse styles cater to various tastes, making them ideal gifts for those who appreciate handcrafted jewelry.
Shop Keilani McConnell’s Crafts

Grumpy Cactus
Grumpy Cactus is a plushie artist who crafts Pokémon and other nerdy plushie friends. These cuddly creations are perfect for gifting to both the young and the young-at-heart this holiday season.
Shop Grumpy Cactus

Mile High Heels
Jenny Raymond’s Mile High Heels offers hand-painted custom shoes, heels, and clutches. Each piece is a work of art, perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement or gift something truly unique and personalized.
Shop Mile High Heels
Mile High Heels Image 1
Mile High Heels Image 2
Mile High Heels Image 3
Mile High Heels Image 4

Pink Star Arts
Maria Torres at Pink Star Arts creates a variety of homemade crafts, ranging from customizable resin coasters and dice to nerdy jewelry. Her creations are perfect for those looking for a special and personalized gift.
Shop Pink Star Arts
Pink Star Arts Image 1
Pink Star Arts Image 2
Pink Star Arts Image 3
Pink Star Arts Image 4


Meet the architects of imagination, the creators. These innovators blend various mediums to bring their unique visions to life. Whether it’s through custom designs, multimedia art, or innovative geeky gadgets, their creations are a testament to the boundless potential of the creative mind. In their realm, the extraordinary becomes possible.

The Sentient Squirrel
The Sentient Squirrel, established by the creative duo Jon and Nicki, offers whimsical crafts that bring a unique blend of charm and creativity. Their collection, including ‘The Order of Rodentia’, is perfect for those who appreciate the quirky and imaginative.
Shop The Sentient Squirrel
The Sentient Squirrel Image 1
The Sentient Squirrel Image 2
The Sentient Squirrel Image 3
The Sentient Squirrel Image 4

FC Public Media
FC Public Media operates as a public access television station in Fort Collins, Colorado, fostering communication and creativity. They offer a platform for creative expression and are an excellent choice for supporting community-focused initiatives.
Learn More About FC Public Media
FC Public Media Image

Beware Theater
Beware Theater, hosted by Arachna of the Spider People and her friend Deadly, presents classic horror movies from the golden age of black and white. Their show offers a mix of cheesy special effects and entertaining narratives, perfect for horror enthusiasts.
Watch Beware Theater
Beware Theater Image 1
Beware Theater Image 2

Blast Off on a Journey of Geeky Gifting

As our interstellar expedition through the Fort Collins Comic Con’s Holiday Gift Guide draws to a close, we can’t help but marvel at the cosmic array of creativity we’ve encountered. From the nebulous depths of artistic talent to the far-flung galaxies of storytelling genius, our local creators have proven that the universe of imagination knows no bounds.

Remember, fellow space travelers, each gift you procure from this guide is not just a mere item; it’s a piece of someone’s universe, a fragment of a dream made tangible. By choosing these intergalactic treasures, you’re not just gifting; you’re propelling the rocket ships of creativity and supporting the guardians of the artistic galaxy.

Our guide has been a portal to uncharted territories, where handcrafted art shines like stars in a nebula and tales spun by our very own bards resonate with the music of the cosmos. These are not just gifts; they’re keys to unlock worlds of wonder and excitement.

So, as you don your spacesuits and ready your thrusters for the holiday season, remember the power of your choices. Each purchase is a declaration of allegiance to the realm of the extraordinary, a battle cry against the mundane empire.

In the spirit of galactic adventure and geeky delight, we at Fort Collins Comic Con wish you a holiday season filled with joy, wonder, and a touch of cosmic magic. May your gifts bring smiles as wide as the Milky Way and fill hearts with the warmth of a thousand suns.

Blast off into the holiday season with joy and geekiness! Happy Holidays, and may the force of creativity be with you!

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