Some FC3 Panels to Look Forward to

We have so many cool panels, ranging from Steampunk 101, to a Dr. Horrible Shadowcast. If you haven’t checked out our PACKED schedule, then find it here:

We are excited about everyone’s panels, but these are some of the ones we’re stoked to see.

1. Know Your Comicstorian

We are immensely pleased to announce that the Comicstorian, local legend and comic book know-it-all is running a panel at 10AM in the TARDIS room. His youtube videos get tens of thousands of hits, and he is a well-known expert on comics. You do not want to miss this panel if you are a fan of any comics, be they Marvel, DC, or independent.

sailoruranusandsailorneptune2. Ask Sailor Moon

This is way too cool to not mention. Big Name Fans, Kinmoku Revolution, who run the Sailor Moon Crystal Chronicles Podcast, with Better Than Toast Cosplay‘s Cally Hale and Beary Cosplay‘s Caroline Bui will be there as Sailor Scouts to ask all your burning questions… like just why don’t enemies attack when they’re transforming? 5PM in the TARDIS Room.

3. Balloon Light Sabers

This is fun for kids of all ages! RJ’s Entertainment will be teaching you how to make balloon light sabers from your standard light sabers to your the sinister Darth Mauls. It is at 10AM in the Serenity Room.

4. Pluto Rules! Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation on Pluto

CC Peterson has been working NASA on the Pluto mission, and she’ll be talking about what she learned, and everything we know about the not-planet. You seriously do not want to miss this panel. 3PM, Eagle Room 2.

5. Nerd Improv

 Improve troupes are always fun, but it will be so much more fun when it involves Star Trek and The Matrix. With the nerdiest members Harrington Arts Academy Improv Troupe has to offer, this is going to a panel you don’t want to miss.  6PM in the Enterprise Room.

6. Thermoplastics 101

Making the clothes for cosplay is hard enough, but what do you do about armor or staffs… or basically anything that can’t be sewed? If you struggle with this, Thermoplastics 101 is the class for you. Learn how to make anything for your costumes. 1PM in the Enterprise Room.

star-trek-outpost-series-cover7. Star Trek: Outpost

Come join this Parsec Award winning radio play, and get cast in a very special episode of Star Trek: Outpost. Not only do you get to see how radio plays are made, you have a chance to participate. How cool is that? 2PM in the TARDIS ROOM.

8. Star Wars Lightsaber Battle

That’s right. A live performance of light saber battles by the Blades of Moria. Why would you not be there? 3PM in the Stargate Room.

9. Old Firehouse Books Fantasy and Scifi Trivia Contest

We all love Old Firehouse Books, so we are pleased they are running this trivia contest. Come see how much you really know about fantasy and science fiction. 3PM in the Enterprise Room.

10. Doing Horrible Things to Good People

This will be a live demo mixed with a question and answer session as the makeup is being applied. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions while gruesome FX makeup effects are added to one unlucky audience member. Topics will include what materials to use, things to avoid, and how to make the effect look as real as possible. And it’s going to be AWESOME. It’s at 2PM  in the Serenity Room.