Vendors – Artists/Illustrators

Fort Collins Comic Con Booth Map


AngryKittenJuice – Booth O7

AngryKittenJuice is a collective of two women who enjoy art and comics and hope to joy to those who chose to engage in our comics and art.

Art of Zan

Art of Zan – Booth Q6

Art of Zan is a mainly digital artist with a design background. They love to showcase their favorite characters from a variety of different fandoms, incorporating vibrant colors and an element of magic or mystery to their work. If you like video games, kids cartoons, wrongfully cancelled tv shows, or just anything with a spooky vibe, stop by for prints, stickers, pins, or to just say hi!


ArtByAyukame – Booth S9

Jenna is a 20-something spooky fanatic with “subtle” appreciation for gaming and anime. Digital illustration reigns supreme as her art style, but basic traditional art never hurts either! Check out ArtByAyukame for fan art of your favorite games and more!

Assembly of the Nerds

Assembly of the Nerds – Booth R3

Assembly of the Nerds is just that: an assembly of huge nerds. Whether we’re creating comics bristling with action or developing accessories to enhance your Virtual Reality experience, we’re always striving to provide you with the very best the nerdverse has to offer.

Auxwave Creations

Auxwave Creations – Booth D4

Auxwave Creations is the passion project of two married artists. We believe in making things we love, and we want to share them with you! Our works are a blend of both our styles. Our specialty is fan and original art that’s weird, cute, dark, and colorful.

Blake A. Chamness

Blake A. Chamness – Booth P2

Blake is a cartoonist, painter, and teacher living in Westminster, CO. His current comics series are “Sentience,” a robot adventure story, and “Distortion,” a solo anthology that includes autobio, strips, fiction, illustration, and poetry.

Bree Skye Art

Bree Skye Art – Booth S14

From original recipes to cute prints I have it all. My goal is to create fun whimsical characters that everyone will enjoy!

Brian Loner Art
Brian Loner Art

Brian Loner Art – Booth G5

Cartoonist and Lover of the Visual Arts. I create art and stories for my pleasure and yours. I work both digitally and traditionally. Stop by my booth to talk comics and art and see what’s new! I have plenty of comics and art prints for you to check out.


Brushstroke80 – Booth E5

I’m an illustrator and aspiring animator in the USA.

My art focuses are character design, animation, storyboarding, sequential arts, and illustration. As a student, I’m always striving to learn.

Bus Stop Shop

Bus Stop Shop – Booth N7

Hello I’m Steph and I run this little merch shop! I love turning all of my nerd obsessions into pieces of art and merch and I hope you do too! Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to check out my social media so we can geek out about our favorite things!

Cattitudes Treasures

Cattitudes Treasures – Booth O3

Cattitudes treasures has gaming goodies to max your stamina or health. Come check out our peraler creations, video game charms, potion bottles, and fanart.

Chris Sisneros Comics and Art

Chris Sisneros Comics and Art – Booth G6

An aspiring full-time comic book artist, Chris Sisneros specializes in traditional B/W sequential, splash, and pinup art. His creator owned title, Rotten Bananas is an ongoing anthology of original stories and art showcasing his weird and absurd mind.

Christopher Wanner

Christopher Wanner – Booth C2

Christopher Wanner is the creator of Clay Comics, The Next Tao, the comic series. He is the writer, illustrator, letterer, publisher and binder of each comic. He then translates the comic content in to ceramics sculptures and has ceramic sculpture of characters from the comic.

Codo Prints

Codo Prints – Booth S5

Codo Prints is a small business run by Fort Collins local artist Courtney Dore. With a background in fine art printmaking, she utilizes her interests in fantasy and sci-fi roleplaying games, movies, anime and video games to create artworks that look modern with a manga line art style.

Conner Herbison

Conner Herbison – Booth J4

Conner is an illustrator and comic book artist living in Fort Collins, CO. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014. Beyond self publishing, he’s contributed artwork to projects from various publishers. Including art assistance for comic artist, ZACH HOWARD on, The Cape: Fallen from IDW Publishing, and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: The Return of Effie Kolb, from Dark Horse Comics. He’s currently working on his debut graphic novel, Darvey Plunk, debuting 2024.

Cordelia Elise

Cordelia Elise – Booth K6

Cordelia Elise is a local illustrator creating prints, stickers, acrylic charms and more from her fanart and original work.

Daniel Ibanez art

Daniel Ibanez art – Booth J3

Daniel is an artist in illustrator who is shown his work from San Diego Comic-Con to Southwest Art magazine. You can find this work in imagine FX magazine or on YouTube and instagram. Daniel has done work for video game companies, comic book covers, comic book panels, and fine art galleries across the country.


DICE 51 – Booth E1

Dice 51 uses his love of pen and ink linework, woodworking, and graffiti to bring his imagined deities into our physical realm. His mixed tribal background, lifelong love of manga/anime, and street centered graffiti upbringing are combined to bring about a unique genre-less form of self expression. His goal is to ultimately create a universe, with it’s own culture, religions, characters, and stories. Every piece of art he’s made so far are puzzle pieces of that universe, slowly taking shape.


doomcvlt – Booth D6

doomcvlt makes art artifacts and archtypes

Dragon's Eye Designs

Dragon’s Eye Designs – Booth J1

My hobby and passion, making wearable art and cuddly, squishy plush. Always working new plush (unique and fandom), making themed small crafts and accessories, and creating original clothing designs. “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living” Dr.S.

I love to sew and machine embroider. It fascinates me to choose fabrics and a color scheme and watch it come together into something. When I am not buried in fluff- bookmarks, backpack accessories, fobs, framed art, jewelry, and more is being embroidered with designs for the geek at heart. Randomly, there will be a skirt or outfit sewn.

Edi “Vegabond” Art

Edi “Vegabond” Art – Booth K5

Inspiring artists, with a unique art style. “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything you’re willing to practice, you can do.” Quote Bob Ross

Eli Benik

Eli Benik – Booth K3

Eli Benik is a transgender artist in Northern Colorado who lives with his wife and their dog. Eli likes to illustrate cute, queer, spooky, and self-love inspired artwork with a focus on character design. He has done work for 5finity and Denver Pop Culture Classroom, and has been attending conventions professionally since 2012.

Fandom Theory

Fandom Theory – Booth L2

Fandom Theory crates something for every fandom.

Fern and Foil by Crystal McDowell

Fern and Foil by Crystal McDowell – Booth I4

Hi! I’m Crystal McDowell of Fern and Foil. I am a locally based artist who loves nature, fantasy, and whimsy and seeks to combine these elements in my work. I have always been influenced by anime, video game art, and fantasy art and strive to take that inspiration and showcase it in my own original art. While I primarily illustrate for prints I also do comics and art books that can show case my unique voice and style. I also have been branching into wearable art such as pins and earrings, that I handcraft myself without outside manufacturing. I want to be that whimsical oasis that can provide a momentary calm and reflection for those who enjoy my art and stories. I want to contribute that positive experience to the convention through my original artwork inspired by the beauty of nature, anime, fantasy, and others!

G.S.Davis Art

G.S.Davis Art – Booth H6

Team QuACK! The Quasar Art Collective is a group of local artists who really wanted to figure out a way to spell “Quack”. The group, consisting of Colorado artists G.S.Davis, Cayen Sim, Pepper DeLuca and others gather twice a day online to livestream while they work, encouraging others to join them. They then self publish their own comics and bring the fruits of their labors to conventions for everyone to enjoy.

Halfway Down

Halfway Down – Booth M5

We create mixed media art using faux insects and reptiles, as well as ethically sourced animal bones and skulls. We strive to bring out the beauty in life, death, and the macabre.

Ichor comics

Ichor comics – Booth R5

Please visit ichor comics at FC3! Started in 2015 we are a small comic book company creating original stories with exciting new adventures! Don’t miss out on our new issues!

Ichor comics


Idle Hands Hobbies

Idle Hands Hobbies – Booth P6

Two best friends who do art and make stuff together to make their nerdy dreams come true!

Imani's Sketchbook

Imani’s Sketchbook – Booth L6

I’m Imani, an illustrator, painter and local magical girl from Colorado, USA! I specialize in gouache to create original and fan work, portraits and whimsical landscapes! I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and to create until their heart’s content! Thank you for joining me on this journey


InkyTortoise – Booth Q4

I’m a local artist that uses a variety of mediums, including watercolor, ink, digital and even clay, to share my love of different comics, animes, movies and more, with others. I always have something new at every convention, be it a new charm or print, and fan favorites as well. Come say hi and see what I have this year!

Insomniac Raccoon

Insomniac Raccoon – Booth G3

Insomniac Raccoon is a young artist who creates original illustrations in addition to fanart for uncommonly found shows. They also produce a large range of crafts from resin creations to accessories like jewelry.

jackary art

JackaryDraws – Booth S5

JackaryDraws is a freelance illustrator who draws soft, cute illustrations of your favorite characters portrayed in fun new ways!


Jimmy Adams Art

Jimmy Adams Art – Booth O4

I enjoy creating sophisticated, modern pinup artwork focused on female subjects.

The Collection I’ve assembled consists of SFW fanart and OCs from anime to gaming to comic book to bunny girls. All semi-realistic artworks are created utilizing watercolor, gouache, pencil and ink on paper.

KokoTBone / Kero's Crafties

KokoTBone / Kero’s Crafties – Booth P4

Hand-made pop culture sculpture, paintings, and pixel art from the 80s, 90s, and beyond. We specialize in classic video games, sci-fi and anime themes.

Laurissa Hughes

Laurissa Hughes – Booth I5

Laurissa Hughes grew up in Colorado and has been

drawing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. A love of

storytelling became a passion for Storyboarding and Comics,

and she received a degree in Animation. She currently

works as a freelance artist in Colorado, doing

storyboards, comics, illustration, and animation.

Laurissa also enjoys snowboarding, playing the clarinet,

learning foreign languages, and watching lots of British


Leighton Buxman

Leighton Buxman – Booth I7

Leighton is a Colorado based artist who specializes in dark fantasy illustration and stylized conceptual art for games. They’ve worked with SourcePoint Press, Ethereal Comics, Majestic Comics, and numerous private clients doing cover art and character illustrations.

Leone the Artist

Leone the Artist – M3

Leone the Artist creates unique 90s-2000s anime inspired illustrations, paintings, and merchandise. Some of her most popular items are statement earrings, prints, stickers, and miniature paintings.


LuxiiHeart – Booth N4

Handmade stickers, prints, keychains and more! Genshin impact, Stray, Seraph of the End, and much more!!

Magma Paint

Magma Paint – Booth G7

Magma is painting! Having been drawing almost all my life and enjoying a number of films, games, and other media, it’s natural that I would show love for them in the form of art. I’ve also been inspired to make stories and characters of my own that I can share and others might find neat. May also start rambling about geology because the Earth makes a number of lovely works of art itself and I love studying these beauties.

Marachi Studios

Marachi Studios – Booth N5

Lachlan “Marachi” Pierce is a nonbinary and neurodivergent illustrator and comic artist based in the Colorado Rockies, bringing you cute and vibrant art pieces for everyone to enjoy from tea pins to funny animal stickers to detailed art prints! Also at the table is Lachlan’s long-running webcomic “Year of the Marachi” which is available for free online or in print form. Come by and say hello!

Marsh & Mellow Designs

Marsh & Mellow Designs – Booth D3

Hello! We are two local artist who are passionate for illustration both on original characters and Fandoms!

FC3 2023 Micayla Vargas mintymicki FC23

Minty Micki – Booth O6

Minty Micki makes lots of cute and colorful anime merch including jewelry, stickers, art prints and tote bags!

My Mark Studio LLC

My Mark Studio LLC – Booth A4

My Mark Studio is a platform for Alex Tankersley’s Creations, that serve as His Mark on the world. Being Authentically True to Himself in such a way that it inspires others to create their own mark on the world. Weather that is through a medium or, just creating the best nook to read your next Comic book in.

N. Celeste Snyder – Booth C1

N. Celeste Snyder is a visual storyteller working out of Northern Colorado. She specializes in illustration, sequential art and murals. Celeste’s work is best described as “dark whimsy” and sets out to bring you to a place where magic is real and life is a bit more serene. Celeste also specializes in cerebral horror and has hopes of leaving you with chills when you read her comic stories.

Near 2 Now publications

Near 2 Now publications – Booth A3

Near To Now Publications, aka Near 2 Now, aka Fandom House, aka Acme Comics Group, has been publishing comics from Colorado creators and their friends since 1982. We were responsible for the original Colorado comic cons 1981-1985, and alumni of the group have been involved in every aspect of the hobby: collecting, reading, and creating comics in Colorado for 40 years. Our mainstay title these days is Hap Hazard by Richard Florence. Come by our table to say hi. Buying any of the new stuff will get you free copies of the 1980s-1990s titles!


Neko.Pixel – Booth Q7

I am mainly an anime inspired artist that focuses on original character design and fanart. I love to draw mecha girls and use cyberpunk aesthetics throughout my work. I also enjoy using full, saturated colors!


NightmaricSpirit – Booth M6

NightmaricSpirit is a local indigenous artist. He has many interests that he expresses through his art. Wether that’s dystopian, gore, Wicca, etc. as an introvert, art helps him connect with more people and share his talent with others who have similar interests.


PaperMurder – Booth L4

PaperMurder is Zach Spivey, an artist out of Austin TX specializing in graphite and watercolor with a focus on the interplay of light and shadow across all genres.

Payaso Art Studio

Payaso Art Studio – Booth G4

Jesse Cruz is an talented comic book fan art artist who has a passion for bringing superheroes to life through his unique artistic style.

Pepper DeLuca

Pepper DeLuca – Booth H5

Pepper DeLuca is a Colorado-based artist that is a little out there after moving from Jupiter… a town in Florida. They have worked on projects for Meta Zoo Games TCG and various comics. They use Watercolor as the main art supply, and they make their own watercolors to use in projects.

Pin Town

Pin Town – Booth P3

Pin Town is a small shop which specializes in cute and silly flair for you to wear. Established in 2020, Pin Town has a plethora of enamel pins and stickers of both original and fan art design.


PossumFingers – Booth C6

I’m Tony/Possum. I’m a 33 year old non-binary trans masc with a love of horror, comics, anime, and all things neon. I love creating digital work as well as creating puppets for fun and entertainment!

Potara Studios

Potara Studios – Booth R4

Potara Studios is a husband/wife team, fusing their skills to bring you unique etched drinkware, handmade linocut prints, and more. Terri and Mark highlight their love of video games and anime in their pieces and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as they do!

Preston's Painting

Preston’s Painting – Booth K2

Local Teacher that hand paints miniatures and creates one of a kind table top terrain.

Primordial Pals – Booth K4

Primordial Pals brings dinosaurs and other prehistoric life to the wider masses through colorful pop art.

Pulp Fission Publishing

Pulp Fission Publishing – Booth J6

Pulp Fission is the small press independent publishing imprint of DeGaine Designs, owned and operated by husband-and-wife artist-writers Zane and Olivia DeGaine.

Zane and Olivia met as students at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art where they studied under Joe, Adam, and Andy Kubert along with other top-tier animation and comic industry talent. Zane and Olivia’s work can be seen on TV as well including the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Pulp Fission currently publishes “Fastback” by Zane DeGaine, “The Wooden Blade” written by Ron Fortier and illustrated by Olivia DeGaine, along with the upcoming western mini-series “Hamlet’s End” written by Ron Fortier and illustrated by Zane DeGaine.


puppySHAKER! – Booth P3

Denver-based artist who loves the cute and creepy. Remember to shake puppies gently (gently!)

Rio Burton Illustration

Rio Burton Illustration – Booth H4

Rio Burton is a freelance illustrator and comics artist located in Colorado, USA. Growing up with influences such as Studio Ghibli and Final Fantasy, she is passionate about bringing stories to life through whimsical, and sometimes dark art. She loves fantasy genres and is a sucker for anything involving wolves. When Rio isn’t working on art you can find her engrossed in a good book or video game, or hiking somewhere in Colorado getting her hands dirty while hunting for fossils and minerals.

TC wallets and more

TC wallets and more – Booth S15

1 of a kind wallets, bags and wall art made from old comics, trading cards, and magazines

The Imaginary King

The Imaginary King – Booth I3

The Imaginary King was created by Elizabeth King; a Colorado native artist with 15+ years experience, and a huge passion for being creative. Her work is primarily inspired by 80s, 90s, and 2000s media from anime, cartoons, video games, horror movies and fantasy. She mainly enjoys drawing female presenting characters in detailed and extravagant designs but also loves to experiment! She primarily works digitally and traditionally with ink and pencil. She is currently exploring world building, character design and has a few ideas for a comic series!

The Tall Grass Studio

The Tall Grass Studio – Booth J2

Raye Wolfe is a polymer clay artist creating Pokémon, video game, and anime inspired art. His works include pins, figurines, stickers, prints, and more!

Tom Webster Art

Tom Webster Art – Booth I6

A Jack-of-all-trades artist from the Denver Area, Thomas Webster has over 10 years professional experience, both freelance and in studio environments. Ranging from Graphic design and illustration to animation and film, this artist has done a bit of everything.

Whimsical Whiskers

Whimsical Whiskers – Booth S10

Whimsical Whiskers creates unique snuggly, cuddly, friendly, adorable plush stuffed animals. Each animal is a certified Dream Guardian — defender from nightmares, keeper of secrets, soother of anxiety, and reminder of self worth. The dragons, dragon foxes and dragon bunnies are here to remind you how special and wonderful you are.

These cuddle companions are always ready to play and dress up. Some are just the right size to travel in your pocket on a keychain, and some are bigger, for hugs, cuddles and love.

White Dragon Illustrations

White Dragon Illustrations – Booth H3

White Dragon Illustrations showcases the artwork of Alyssa Hughes. From simple comic styles, like her online Dazed and Dead comic, to detailed Sci-Fi and Fantasy original compositions, Alyssa’s talented versatility appeals to a multitude of art admirers. White Dragon Illustrations provides original artwork for small business website and print applications, book covers, game design, personal enjoyment and more!

Stop by the White Dragon Illustrations booth to see Alyssa’s fan art, original artwork and cartoons or to inquire about custom artwork!

Zoe LeDonne

Zoe LeDonne – Booth A7

Zoë LeDonne sells comics, zines, and original works of art that range from realistic to fantastical. She enjoys using a wide variety of media and is always up for a new challenge.