From Warp Speed to Wicked Spells: Exploring Urban Fantasies, Sci-Fi Space Operas, Genre Romances, and Dark Fantasy

Presenters: Carol Van Natta, Matthew Angelo

Join us as we unlock the secrets of urban fantasies, genre romances, dark fantasy, and sci-fi space operas. Prepare to delve into the depths of each genre, explore their subgenres, and unravel the intricacies that make them irresistible to readers. Get ready for an interactive and engaging experience that will leave you inspired and enlightened, and well armed for that late-night discussion with your know-it-all cousin.


Carol Van Natta is a USA TODAY bestselling science fiction and fantasy author. Works include the Central Galactic Concordance space opera series and the Ice Age Shifters® paranormal romance series. She also edits the Pets in Space® anthologies. Website:

Matthew Angelo is a working author and dog trainer. His works include the urban fantasy series, The Midnight Agency Series, and Nic Celestine Series, along with dark fantasy stories and novellas set in Aria, the World of Twilight. He primarily writes for his substack so his fans get a direct shot at first reads before the rest of the world. Website:

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Serenity Room, Saturday

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