Discovering the Metallurgical Secrets of Beskar

Presenter: Dr. Suveen N Mathaudhu, others (Colorado School of Mines)

In the Star Wars universe there is no metal or alloy that compares to Beskar, the legendary “iron” of the Mandalorian tribes. Are you curious how pure Beskar can be extremely strong, corrosion resistant and able to survive blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes alike? Would you like to know how the clandestine skills of Armorer metalsmiths might contribute to the shaping and forming of an “indestructible” material? In this presentation and panel, we will step into a galaxy far far away to learn about the history of Beskar metalworking and contemplate some real-world metal-processing discoveries that may explain the seemingly magical behaviors of Beskar and its alloys. Short Description: Come learn the secrets of Beskar, and how they are inspired by ancient and mysterious Damascus steels.

Event Timeslots (1)

Serenity Room, Sunday

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