Local Cosplayer Profile: The Sloth Goth – Alaura Klegstad

Alaura Klegstad, aka The Sloth Goth, is a fun, spunky, local cosplayer who delights in anime and comics. Alaura moved to Colorado a mere ten months ago.

Alaura states there are a few cosplays she’s particularly proud of: Midnight (My Hero Academia), Roller Derby Harley Quinn (DC Comics), and Power Girl (DC Comics). Harley was the first cosplay Alaura tried to make by hand and her inspiration for the variation came from Alaura’s own roller derby history, which made the costume unique and personalized.

Power Girl was a quite the personal accomplishment for Alaura too, as she comments, “If you had asked me if I’d ever consider cosplaying [Power Girl] a year ago I’d laugh in your face and say NO! She’s so exposed, curvy, sexualized and not a popular character but here I am in 2018 and she’s my favorite DC character. I’m proud of this cosplay because I found the confidence (and resources) to make this cosplay work for me… She’s one of the few cosplays I’m 100% satisfied with.”

As any costumer or cosplayer would agree, every outfit presents its own struggles, and Alaura is no stranger to that notion, but mentions, “If I get it finished and it’s wearable on a convention floor, it’s fine and it was all worth it. I forget all the struggle… If it’s finished, it’s fine. The ones I truly ‘struggle’ with remain unfinished totes and patterns uncut.”

But with every struggle eventually comes reward, and Alaura explains what drives her to keep creating, crafting, and cosplaying. “At the end of the day, I keep dressing up, staying up for hours on end, and pouring money into cosplay because I get the chance to bring happiness to children… Yes I want to push myself to improve my sewing skills, I love making props with my own two hands, I love bring characters to life Frankenstein-style and having the chance to embody their personality while in their clothes, but at the end of the day I will remember the look on a little Darth Vadar’s face when he tries to force choke me or the little girl who wants a hug from the Rickest-Rick.”

Alaura’s efforts have definitely paid off, and she mentions not only being recognized, but that “every interaction I’ve had with a fellow cosplayer has been amazing and every convention I’ve gone to has been better than the last.” She also offers a bit of advice to newbies: “I was once you like… less than a year ago. I still probably am a newbie in a lot of aspects but what’s pushing me farther in my cos-career is having friends who know the con-culture of Colorado. Assemble one or two close cosplay friends (it’s more convenient if they are in your area), adopt one another, learn and help one another grow in your cosplay journey.

Be nice to everyone. Compliment others and learn how to genuinely accept compliments too. Get business cards for yourself (seriously) and collect as many as you can. Network, reach other to others. It may seem scary at first but if you put on an invisible armor of confidence opportunities will open up to you. We are all big kids in wigs and spandex suits with jobs and responsibilities waiting for us on Monday morning. As I like to say, at the end of the day we’re all just adults still playing dress up.”

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