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NASA’s Strategic Astrophysics Missions

An Enterprising Voyage of Discovery thru Deep Space and Time

Originally Recorded Saturday 8/29/20 @ 11:00 am

NASA is in a golden age of space astrophysics! The ongoing operation of the Chandra X-ray and Hubble UV-Optical telescopes continue our exploration of the universe. The upcoming launch of the high-powered, infrared-sensitive Webb Telescope around Halloween 2021 will further expand NASA’s study of the cosmos. Finally, mission development work for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope continues apace. This telescope will survey broad stretches of the IR sky and probe dark Energy in the late 2020’s.

Dr. Carpenter will also be part of our live-streamed Ask Me Anything: Science Rules Q&A session!


Dr. Ken Carpenter
Dr. Ken Carpenter

Dr. Ken Carpenter
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Kenneth Carpenter (Operations Project Scientist for Hubble and Ground System Project Scientist for Roman) brings us the latest Chandra results, talks about Hubble’s 30th birthday, updates us on the status of Webb, and gives us the inside scoop about the renaming of WFIRST in honor of the late astronomer, Nancy Grace Roman.

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Saturday 8/29
Dr. Ken Carpenter

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