2024 Fort Collins Comic Con Vendor Information

Thank you for exhibiting at Fort Collins Comic Con! To help you have a great experience at the event, we’ve put together an overview of important vendor information. Please be sure to review your Vendor Agreement and familiarize yourself and booth staff with the updated “Anti-Harassment Policy” and “Rules for Vendors” sections of the Comic Con website before your arrival: By purchasing a booth you agree to all of the policies and rules of FC3.


Nick Armstrong,, Lead Event Coordinator
Venue Security, 970-221-6256


  • Exhibitors receive 2 complimentary vendor booth badges. These may be used by anyone associated with your booth. Do not give vendor badges to anyone other than your booth staff.
  • The name(s) of booth staff must be registered with the Vendor Coordinator. Contact Nick to register your booth staff: Exhibitors are responsible for their booth staff.
  • Additional badges are $15 each and must be ordered in advance:
  • All vendor badges should be collected on Friday at the Vendor Check-In Station prior to booth set-up.
  • Any vendors checking in late must check-in by 8AM on Saturday, August 17.
  • Booth assignments will be confirmed prior to the event, but all badges must be picked up at the Con. Badges will not be mailed prior to the event.
  • Vendor badges must be displayed at all times (or security will kick you out).


Hall Hours:    Saturday                                 10:00AM – 6:00PM
                               Sunday                                 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Vendors can access the Hall from 8:00AM each morning.

Move-in:        Friday, August 16                   3:00PM – 9:00PM
Stop by the Vendor Check-In Station located inside the gymnasium at Northside Aztlan Community Center upon arrival for set-up. You will be given your badge(s) and booth number. If you need to arrange a late move-in, you must contact Todd by 8/9/22.

Move-out:     Sunday, August 18                5:00PM – 9:00PM
Booths must remain intact until the Vendor Hall’s official closing time on Sunday at 5:00PM. Please do not dismantle or remove parts of your booth prior to the closing of the Hall.


  • Each booth space is roughly 6’ x 10’ and includes one 30” x 6’ table and two chairs.
  • There is roughly 4′ of space behind each table and 15″ of shared space between each side-by-side table so you can exit.
  • Black paper tablecloths are available for free upon request at check-in. Please recycle these when done.
  • If you do not wish to use your table(s) in your space, please let us know in advance (by 8/1/24).
  • No part of an exhibitor’s display may extend outside of the booth space. Aisles must be open.
  • Wi-Fi is available at the venue, but can be inconsistent. Plan accordingly.
  • Electricity is available only for vendors who explicitly ordered it in advance via the FC3 website and Vendors are responsible for bringing their own power/extension cords.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning up after themselves before, during, and after the Con.
  • Vendors who leave behind excessive trash or recycling will not be invited back.
  • Items not permitted: see rules at


  • Vendor Training: Vendor training will be held virtually; details to come.


Vendors selling items at Fort Collins Comic Con are REQUIRED to obtain a Vendor Special Event Tax License ($8) and to keep track of and pay all relevant state, county, and city Sales Tax.

The following Colorado Department of Revenue documents and forms can be accessed online at

  • Vendor Special Event Tax License Application (DR 0589)
  • Special Event Sales Tax Return (DR 0098)

Vendors need to collect and remit 3.700% to the Colorado Department of Revenue. City tax should be reported to the City of Fort Collins. Contact the City at 970-221-6780 for more information.


The due date to file your tax return is Sept. 20, 2024.


  • Food trucks and food vendors will be available each day from 10AM-6PM(ish) in the Cantina (outside parking lot).
  • There is no ATM onsite or nearby (the Gas Station’s cash supply runs out FAST). Please plan accordingly.
  • Bring your water bottle – a water bottle refill station is available.
  • The Vendor/Volunteer/Staff green room is available for short breaks, snacks, and water.
  • Volunteer booth sitters are available for those vendors who are alone and need a break. Please look for the roaming volunteers with “Ask Me” signs, or go to the Information Desk at the front to have someone called in.

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