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Jylani Amplex

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Cosplayer/ Artist who loves to work on projects in a wide variety of media. These include colored pencil, marker, digital 2D, clay, foaming smithing, and whatever strikes my fancy at the time. While I have no formal business set up, I am seeking to take commissions on request.

I am offering character design reference sheets, pencil sketches, marker drawings, or potentially cosplay props / other media commissions based on interest. I’m open for most projects as long as they are pg 13. Time frame will be worked out based on complexity per commission. I am happy to work from a preexisting design, or help you develop a character based on characteristics you’d like to include.

I also have a few finished works which I’m willing to sell.

Direct message me on one of my provided social medias if interested in commissioning/purchasing a finished work.


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A fan of...

Anime: namely Inuyasha, Moribito, March Comes in Like a Lion, Eyeshield 21, Trigun

A fan of...

Video games such as: Valkyria Chronicles, Cross Code, Iconoclasts, Rampage Knights

A fan of...

Webcomics such as: Schlock Mercenary, Rusty and Co., Children of Eldair, Girl Genius, Etc.

A fan of...

Films/Shows such as: Klaus, Dragon Prince, Miraculous Ladybug, Prince of Egypt, etc.