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Avio Publishing, LLC

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Lovers of Fantasy and Furries, come check out my Redsands series. This three novel adventure will take you to the fantastic land of Redsands where animals rule and danger lurks.

Meet Marilana, a lioness still in her youth. Fiercely devoted to her path as a bandit hunter, she is sworn to protect the creatures of Mystillion in the kingdom of Redsands. She lives a lonely life with few friends and a desolate future. When a young lion, Marquiese, forces his way into Marilana’s path, he puts everything at risk, including his life and hers. Can Marquiese keep his secret with death lurking ever closer?

Follow the journey of Marilana and Marquiese from their begining in book 1 Mystillion to their end in book 3 Redsands.



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