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DragonCrest Studios

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Home of fantasy and sci-fi art ranging from the inanely cute to the slightly deranged. Friend of geeky connoisseurs worldwide!

“A whole range of sci-fi/fantasy/pop culture art, ranging from the inanely cute to the slightly deranged! Specific products (all made or designed by the artist) include the following:

– Stickers ($2) of gentlemen animals and various characters

– Original bookmarks ($4)

– Over 120 sci-fi, fantasy, and fan art print designs in 8×10 and/or 11×14-inches ($10 or $15)

– Self-published art and children’s books, including The Alphabet of Gentlemen Animals ($20 to $45)

– Over 250 original drawings and paintings of various sizes ($10 to $100)

– Stationary sets ($15) and greeting cards ($3-$12)

– Awesomeness”



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