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So, you remember how you felt after Firefly got cancelled?

Every day seems to have a ton of new information along with new restrictions and guidance. Based on the current guidance from The White House restricting groups of 10 or more people for the next two weeks, we're just not able to continue Kessel Runners safely, and in the way we'd like to.

Nick and I (Ben) have been in contact daily about what would be best to do and how to keep everybody safe and fairly handle registrations this year.

We have decided to cancel the 2020 Kessel Runners season as it currently exists and to give you the option of a refund.

We will be establishing virtual/individual run and timing suggestions so you can DIY/play along at home and send in progress pictures to the Facebook group:

We have two options for your registration fee paid when joining the training program:

Option 1: Donate Your Registration Fee - donate your registration fee to support the Kessel Runners Training Program for next year.

Option 2: Full Refund - receive a full refund for your registration fee and join us again next season!

We've set up a Google Form so you can tell us what your choice is.

We understand and respect whatever choice you decide to make and there is no pressure either way - and no matter what, you'll continue to be part of the Facebook group and these emails so you can train individually in the DIY program as we get that rolling.

We are bummed that the group training is off for now - but we're committed to continuing to exercise, as we hope you are, now more than ever.
A quick PS: it's easy to get discouraged in times like this. "Look for the helpers," said Mr. Rogers - and we put to you that YOU can be those helpers in our community.

Geeks are a powerful bunch - we frequently think about the mythical, the heroic, the opportunities of a brighter future... and so we are uniquely equipped to provide hope and inspiration in dire situations. Remember that and reach out when you need that inspiration yourself - our community is here for you.

-Nick and Ben
Please be sure to check out and join the Private Facebook Group.
for more details and to keep updated on all things Kessel Runners!

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