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Coronavirus Update to Kessel Runners

A quick overview:
  1. We intend to continue our weekly themed runs and practice runs with a few modifications to follow the most recent recommendations from the Governor and CDC.
  2. If you want or need to bail this year and try again next year, we will accommodate anyone who wants a refund.
  3. If you are sick, please stay home from runs or other activities and see item #2.
  4. It's not entirely clear to us if we'll be able to hold the Kessel Run 5K this year... we're following the Library's guidance (which corresponds closely to State and Federal guidance).
Here's what we're changing:
  • Each group (that is: your family cluster and/or friends that you drove with, or plan to consistently run with) will need to maintain a 6 foot distance from other groups during warm-up/stretching.
  • We're going to start each group with 5-10 seconds of space between each to maintain distance during the run.
  • There will be no common water station, so please plan ahead and bring hydration if needed.
  • We will handle sign-ins for you when you check in (no more sharing pens/handling clipboards).
  • Buttons will be distributed during the check-in process, with power-ups being totally randomized.
  • Everybody should snag an Interval Timer app for their phone to collectively manage their group's pacing. Many are free, some are paid. (Ben uses the free version GymBoss Interval Timer - Android, Apple)
Please be sure to check out and join the Private Facebook Group at
for more details and to keep updated on all things Kessel Runners!
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