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Kessel Runners 2019
Classic Video Games - March 23
Are you ready to run!? Catch all the details on what to expect below!

This Saturday’s run takes off at 10:30 AM.
Check-in at 10:20 AM!

For this week’s Hero Run we’re going to Link to the Past with a classic video games theme. We’ll waka-waka-waka & run for 1.75 miles around Rolland Moore Park. Let’s-a-go on an adventure and hope the princess isn’t in another castle! (But… she probably is.)

Berkana Rehabilitation Institute will be our special guest this week. Leading us in some pre-run stretches, joining us on the course for the run, after the run we’ll take a short cool-down walk over to the Berkana clinic for some post-run stretching, then we’ll have a presentation by Dr. Nancy Quick on some super cool ultrasound technology that can show the various muscles in the body - working live!

Facebook event here with more info: and RSVP at: - or you can just join us for the walk to Berkana after the run.

We’ll be meeting near the first parking lot in Rolland Moore Park. (Entrance off of Shields Street.)

Where: We'll meet at the Rolland Moore parking lot (near the baseball diamonds) for a there-and-back-again 1.75 mile run/walk!
Rolland Moore Park
Course: We’ll be walk-running an out and back course heading West around Rolland Moore park, running in 2-minute increments and walking in 3-minute increments. Stretching starts at 10:30 AM and the Run begins at 10:40 AM (plan on about 30 minutes for the pacing).

Check-In: Stop at the registration table so we can check you in and tally up your points!

Weather: We’ll have a somewhat sunny morning in the mid 40's, but since this is Colorado, check the forecast 15 minutes before you head out.

What to Wear: Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics such as polyester are preferable. Loose clothing that you can easily breathe in is best. Layers are key! You will be able to leave your jackets and water bottles at the check-in table so feel free to arrive bundled up.
Shoes: Wear comfortable running shoes (no, Chucks and Vans are not appropriate footwear) that are already broken in. If you have new shoes, break them in today with a walk! We don't want any new shoes slowing you down with blistered heels!

Course Rules: The trails are public and popular. There will be bikes, skateboards, and dogs coming and going around you. Be courteous and safe by taking up no more than half of the trail. Passing bikes may ring a bell or yell "On your left!" when passing. Take a moment to make sure you’re in your lane. Stay aware of your surroundings, and leave your headphones at home.

Course Elements: Ever wonder why Mario was so rarely out of breath? He practiced! Link also walked EVERYWHERE, and PacMan... well, we don't really know for sure, but we have to suspect it's the dots.

Along the way, be sure to snag some swag! Certain buttons are worth more points, but it's impossible to tell which until the run is over. PacMan will keep the ghosts at bay while you snag your swag, but don't linger too long (and one piece of loot per person!)

Your Mission: Every great game character has to polish their pixels before they go bold and this week is about powering up your game through pacing. To do that, try to keep up with Mario's guidance and listen to your body. If you're gasping for air, you're running too fast. Your sweet spot is being able to run and have enough air to talk a little. By the end of the run, you should know if you need to slow your pace down.

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