Fort Collins Comic Con

So... the world is kind of a mess right now.

Even so, the geeky community is alive and well and adapting.
Geeks are a powerful bunch - we frequently think about the mythical, the heroic, the opportunities of a brighter future... and so we are uniquely equipped to provide hope and inspiration in dire situations.

When Mr. Rogers said, "Look for the helpers," he was talking about you.

Some of the things you can do right now to help:
With all the canceled cons and events, we know spirits are pretty low right now.

There's an online cosplay contest through CloudCon (applications due April 18) and the Wicked West Comic Expo's virtual cosplay contest is still on as well with dates TBD.

Our Con team is partnering with Starfest, the Wicked West Comic Expo, and Cheyenne Gaming Convention on putting together a virtual con of sorts and need your help to figure out how to make it as awesome as possible, so please fill out our virtual con survey. This would likely be hosted in May or June.

For this virtual con, we're planning on having panels and gaming through the web, a virtual artist/creatives alley, and whatever other cool things we can line up to help support the geek community and bring folks together.

Right now we're still planning on Fort Collins Comic Con in August unless we're advised otherwise. The in-person portion of the Kessel Run on 5/4 is not likely to occur (though we're working on some modifications to hold it virtually). You can connect with us on our Facebook page, Facebook group, and more resources will be coming soon (like a Discord server).

Stay kind and please reach out if we can be helpful!
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Save the Date for
Fort Collins Comic Con in 2020: August 29 and 30!

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