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The 2020 Kessel Runners Couch-to-5K Program kicks off tomorrow!

Join us for our free, first run at Snack Attack - a Star Wars themed fun run that'll have you find your way on a bounty chip hunt with the Cerar Clan, a fierce Mandalorian guild. Most importantly, as guests of the guild, no one gets left behind.

This nerdy social running group is all about having fun and taking running one step at a time! No matter your age or ability, we’ll take you from the couch to lightspeed.

  • Check-in and Registration begin 10:30AM on Saturday, March 7th at Snack Attack (120 W Stuart Street, Fort Collins).
  • Parking: Kessel Runners can park in front of Snack Attack, or in the parking lot across College. Avoid parking in the Sips or Housing parking structures - possibility of getting ticketed and/or towed!
Snack Attack parking2
Kick-Off Schedule:
Kessel Runners Welcome! 10:35AM
Warm-up begins 10:40AM (Avoid missing the warm-up).
Run/Walk 10:50AM-11:00AM (Pacing: Walk 1:30min, Run 1min for 1.25 miles)
Post Run Q&A/Info, Raffle, & Lunch/Social Time 11:00AM - 12:00pm (Get to know your fellow Kessel Runners!)

We'll warm up in front of Snack Attack and run west on Spring Creek Trail in an out & back just past the bridge on Centre Street.

See you tomorrow morning! We have spoken.

For just $30, here’s what you can look forward to in the training program:
  • two group runs per week that slowly step up in intensity so you can level up at a fun pace!
  • free weekly cross-training events! (parkour, rock wall climbing, yoga, LARPing, etc.)!
  • an exclusive Facebook group to connect to your fellow runners, share motivation, and stay connected!
  • hanging out with your fellow runners at nerdy locales!
  • enjoying in your favorite fandoms and finding new ones to explore!
Read more at:

So what do you say? Let’s live long and prosper!
Run dates: Themed runs are Saturdays at 10:30AM, Training/Practice runs are Tuesdays at 5:30PM. Some of our themes this year include:
  • The Mandelorian
  • 10000 B.C. Prehistoric Run
  • Ghostbusters
  • Modern Video Games
  • Stranger Things (80's Run)
  • Anime
  • Medieval/Lord of the Rings
  • Superheroes
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Save the Date for
Fort Collins Comic Con in 2020: August 29 and 30!


Save the Date for the Kessel Run 5K on 5/4!

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