Fort Collins Comic Con

Fort Collins Comic Con is TOMORROW!

Heads-up! If you haven't snagged your badge yet, it will be available on-site at Attendee Check-In at the Con!

Don't have your badge yet? There's still time!

ONLINE badge sales CLOSE at 9PM TONIGHT.

There WILL be badges available at the door!

As a reminder, you should tell your friends to snag their badges early as the price goes up at the door $5 for adult badges to $25. Kids badges are always $10 for geeks 6-12 years old and no cost for geeks 5-and-under (they still need a badge).

10 Things You Must Know

  1. Badges ARE available on-site: $25 for ages 13+, $10 for ages 6-12, and $0 for ages 5-and-under. Cash and Cards are accepted.
  2. Willow is one-way only EASTBOUND from College to Linden. There's a boatload of signage out to help you get to the Aztlan Center, and the City repainted the pedestrian walkway for us. Thank you, City of Fort Collins!
  3. If you can't park at the Aztlan Center, don't panic. Plan on having at least 2 backup parking options. The Dirt Lot at Odell is best reached by going from Willow -> Linden -> Buckingham. Closer options are the Elizabeth Hotel parking lot or the Civic Center Parking Lot on Laporte. Please do not park at the Discovery Museum, on the grass, etc... (you might get towed and that makes for a not-so-much-fun Con)
  4. Most of the fun stuff for young superheroes is happening from 9AM to 2PM.
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We will have some amazing food trucks on site:
    - Moontower Sliders (GF available)
    - Taco Stop (GF, DF, Vegan available) – Saturday Only
    - Kona Ice (GF, DF, Vegan)
    - Salty Dog
    - Totally ’80’s Pizza
    - Purple Cup Cafe
  6. Lost children will be brought to the INFO DESK at the FRONT ENTRANCE, guarded by Jedi Librarians. Parents: please take a few minutes when you arrive to write your name and phone number on the space provided on the back of your kid's badge.
  7. There are printed programs on-site to help you. Panel highlights are below as well as maps!
  8. Two games of Chipper's Lanes laser tag are included with every badge.
  9. An autograph and/or selfie with Robin Shelby is included with every badge.
  10. Show off your awesome cosplay skills at our Cosplay Catwalk or just sit back and watch! NO PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Held in Enterprise, Serenity, & Millennium Falcon Rooms on Saturday and Sunday
    • 5:40PM to 6:10PM Saturday with a post-event show by AgentDancers and A Vintage Future
    • 11:20AM to 11:50PM Sunday with a post-event show by Trash Cat

Know a budding scientist?
Disney fanatic?

Here are our featured guest talks:

Featured Talks - Saturday

Featured Talks - Sunday

Fort Collins Comic Con 2019 Indoor Floor Map

Be sure to check out the STEMpunkED show "MAY THE FORCE (OF STATIC ELECTRICITY) BE WITH YOU" from 9 to 1PM each day in the TARDIS room


Traffic Flow + Parking Maps


Attendee Tips and Tricks:

  • Remain kind, courteous, and most of all, have fun! Here are the official rules.
  • Weapons Check/Prop Weapons Policy: our cosplay policy has not changed (review it here). You MUST peacebond your prop weapons and receive a wristband before entering the Con (if you have prop weapons). Prop weapons must be inert, lightweight, dull, and incapable of harm. Weapons Check is adjacent to the front entrance to the Con.
  • Doors to the Con open at 9AM both days. The Con runs until 8PM both days.
  • Badges will be for sale at the door (the price of the 13+ badge goes up $5 to $25)
  • Parking will be kinda crazy. Plan on arriving early, being dropped off, or walking a little bit.
  • Lost children will be brought to the INFO DESK at the FRONT ENTRANCE, guarded by Jedi Librarians.
  • If you have children, it's a good idea to write your phone number on the bottom of their badge.
  • Will Call Badges and any badges not picked up from comic book stores will be available at Attendee Check-In at the front entrance to the Con. Lanyards are available at no cost (but please recycle them with us if you can!)
  • Volunteer Badges are BLUE, Staff Badges are PURPLE. If you need help, please seek us out. We are here to help you have a good con experience!
  • Vendor Hall Opens 10AM, Closes 6PM
  • Panels, Programming, and Games run from 9AM to 8PM.
  • Vendors, special events and Food Trucks are the only things you'll need money for. Everything else is included with your badge. The closest ATM is across the street and ran out quickly last year. Please plan to bring cash as needed as not all vendors have credit card capability.
  • WiFi and non-Verizon cell coverage are somewhat spotty within the venue.
  • Do not buy scalped tickets. Never purchase badges for more than face value: $20/25 for adults, $10 for 6-12, $0 for 5 and under.
  • Bring water, snacks, and wear sunscreen (we have a very limited supply meant for our volunteers who may burst into flame without it).
  • Code4 Security Services will be present. They report to the Con Staff and are there for everyone's safety. If you are a parent dropping your children off and do not have a badge yourself, they WILL actively stop you from entering the Con. Please ask someone at the check-in tables if you need us to make an announcement (yes, this has happened before).
FC3 2019 Vendor Map

Over 150 Vendors have joined us in 2019:

2nd and Charles S17
501st LEVEL 2
A Little Bit of Linda F1, F2
Aaron Powers E4
Amanda Schroeder Comics and Illustration G3
American Oni – Silent Hero Studio C6
Anansidragon S8
Arepas Caribbean CANTINA
Art by Jim Rinehart Q2
Art of Jon Bon H5
Art of Noah Eisenman I3
Art of Zan O6
Ask a Scientist LOBBY
Atomic Pixies Q7
Avio Publishing, LLC N3
Awesome in Action S1
áyA Studios, LLC A9, A10
Barbara Tyner Q3
Barnes and Noble A3
Better Than Toast Cosplay and Friends COSPLAYGROUND
Beware Theater S3
Blind Dog Custom Creations F6
Bree Skye Art L3
Brushstroke80 LOBBY
Bryan Pedersen M2
C.G. Harris Author C3
Cachet Whitman B3
Carol Van Natta, LLC H7
Casey with a Laser Engraver S18
Cat’s Critters G4
Cheyenne Gaming Convention S11
CheyFy Comic Expo G1
CiloBlakeArt LOBBY
Collective Geekery S9
Colorpockit C7
Crayon Comics I4
Crazy Idea Photography A1,C9
Curious Origins I1
Dan Conner B1
Daniel Ibanez A11, A12
Define the Line LEVEL 2
DINK & COFOH: Colorado Festival of Horror L4
Dragon Wyck Embroidery C2
Dragon’s Eye Designs M1
DragonCrest Studios D4
Eclectic Endearments J1
EnderSketch Illustrations J4
EXTERUS: Pulp Fantasy, Horror, and the Bizarre N5
Felipe Echevarria J7
Fern and Foil by Crystal McDowell K5
Flat Track Furies D7
Flesh-Eating Comics E6
Flutterby Crochet H1
Fort Collins Creator Hub A5
Foxden Creative N2
FredzDawgz CANTINA
G.Kaaihue L5
Geek Girl Brunch LEVEL 2
Gemini Comics S4
Ghostbusters LEVEL 2
Greg Guler B6
Grumpy Cactus , Joltte P6
Gryphon Games & Comics A13, A14
Harms Publications S10
ID Fabrications P4
Ideal Comics D3
Idess Art I2
Illustrator Jimmy S14
Inksplotch M6
Inktwist Studio P5
It’s Just So You S16
It’s Raining Color A6
J. James’ Design & Illustration H6
Jason Meents M7
Jason Score Illustarions A2
Jeff Slemons Illustration G6
JimmyAdamsArt Q6
Jolyon Yates K7
Joseph Arnold L6
Kai frawg fine art R1
Kaitlin Krage J3
Kayla Wilson I5
Kimbark Cemetery Productions L1
KokoTbone Artworks P3
Kosmo Screen Printing A17
Krystyna Lynn Kreations COSPLAYGROUND
Lair of Abraxas H3
Laurissa Hughes K6
Life For the Innocent M3
Local Hero Press Q5
Lunch Bag Lab N4
Mando Mercs/Cerar Clan LEVEL 2
Marachi Studios O4
Marsh and Mellow N6
Matthew Angelo Creative F3
Mike Toth B2
Miles & Christina’s Beasts and Babes M5
Mocha Galaxy N1
Monkeyface Boutique/ Sentient Squirrel S6
Moontower Sliders CANTINA
Nathanial Hamel N7
Near 2 Now Publications E7
Nerdy Needles Studio P1
Netherhavyn Game Works R3
Nicki Rapp B5
NightmaricSpirit C8
Oi Bob I7
Old Firehouse Books Q4
Order of Epona LEVEL 2
Origins United K3
Our Own Game Company, LLC S7
P.J. MacLayne D6
Paradise Mtn Soap K1
Petrichroma K4
Phil Spaulding E5
Pinkie’s Pretty Pieces O7
Pinot’s Palette STARJAMMER
PixelFace Pins H4
Primordial Pals K2
Pulp Fission Publishing F5
Rich Fogel B4
Rio Burton Illustration P7
Robert Elrod G5
Robin Shelby R8
Ron Fortier G7
Ron Ruelle Comics J2
Root & Branch P2
Roy T. Cook A18
Scare Care S15
Scribblescrab G2
Seeking Heroes S12, S13
Shae-C Illustrations F7
Shiba Matsuri O5
SpiritofthwWolf Studios A4
Starberriicake O3
Starlit Creations Q1
Starry Knight STudios S5
Stephanie Gillis O2
Stew Ped’s Chronic Malpractice R5
Sugar Pop Blossom Arts J5
SunRose Art Collective L2
Flaminggeekart J6
TDub’s Art I6
King R4
The Art of Thomas Estrada B7
The Eye of the Sphinx M4
The Loopy Llama D1, D2
The Sith 
 Dathomir Temple of
 Colorado LEVEL 2
The Starving Nerdists H2
Thrifty Gryphon O1
Todd Jones L7
Totally 80’s Pizza C1
Tumbleweed Dice 8-BIT LOUNGE
Two Fish and a Lion S2
Vanilla Latte F4
Ward Orthodontics A8
Wayward Studios E3
Who Gives A Scrap STARJAMMER
Wicked Red A7
WolfSinger Publications C4, C5

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