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Kessel Runners 2019
Are you ready to run!? Catch all the details on what to expect below!

This Saturday’s run takes off at 2 PM.

ONE MORE TIME: --> 2 PM <-->Check-in at 1:45 PM!

Going Green is the theme of the week. Join us in your nerdiest green superhero, supervillain, or supergeek attire as we build up our running stamina over a 1.5-mile run/walk with THE HULK.

Afterward, join us for a history of the Poudre River as we run along with our special educational guest Jordan Williams from the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area. More information about the Cache la Poudre National Heritage Area and an opportunity to donate can be found at:

Where: Meet in the Parking Lot on Taft Hill Road and Poudre Trail (see the RED SQUARE below - the red square is a large parking lot labeled for the Poudre Trail) and run EAST down the Poudre Trail to the information booth about Poison Ivy.
Going Green - Route Map!
Course: We’ll be walk-running an out and back course heading east along the Poudre Trail, running in 90-second increments and walking in 2-minute increments. Stretching starts at 2 PM and the Run begins at 2:10 PM (plan on about 30 minutes for the pacing).

Check-In: Stop at the registration table so we can check you in and tally up your points!

Weather: We’ll have a sunny run in the 40's, but since this is Colorado, check the forecast 15 minutes before you head out. Ben has checked the trail and it's in good condition!

What to Wear: Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics such as polyester are preferable. Loose clothing that you can easily breathe in is best. Layers are key! You will be able to leave your jackets and water bottles at the check-in table so feel free to arrive bundled up.
Shoes: Wear comfortable running shoes (no, Chucks and Vans are not appropriate footwear) that are already broken in. If you have new shoes, break them in today with a walk! We don't want any new shoes slowing you down with blistered heels!

Course Rules: The trails are public and popular. There will be bikes, skateboards, and dogs coming and going around you. Be courteous and safe by taking up no more than half of the trail. Passing bikes may ring a bell or yell "On your left!" when passing. Take a moment to make sure you’re in your lane. Stay aware of your surroundings, and leave your headphones at home.

Course Elements: When you come across a villain, be sure to snag some swag! Certain buttons are worth more points, but it's impossible to tell which until the run is over. The Hulk can provide you with a bit of cover as you snag your swag, but don't linger too long with Poison Ivy or you might end up pretty itchy! (Snag one piece of loot per person!)

Your Mission: Every superhero (or supervillain!) must start somewhere, and just like practicing your pithy sayings or your evil laugh, you have to be able to chase down your goals without getting winded. To do that, follow The Hulk's instructions, stick with your group, and listen to your body. If you're gasping for air, you're running too fast. Your sweet spot is being able to run and have enough air to talk a little. By the end of the run, you should know if you need to slow your pace down.

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