Fort Collins Comic Con
Fort Collins Comic Con 2019

Save The Date - Tuesday, August 20 @ 6PM is the Volunteer Thank You Party!

Welcome to all our new and returning volunteers in 2019!

This newsletter contains a wealth of information you will need for Fort Collins Comic Con. It's long but worth the read! The last heading is "When You Arrive" and the email finishes with a thanks to our sponsors.

If you "registered" as a volunteer but did not sign up for a specific time and assignment, please make sure you finish your registration by going here and selecting an assignment:

We've added more detailed descriptions to help you select a shift. Most positions require a fair bit of standing and walking, so please let us know if you need accommodations. We have a handful of positions that will give you time off your feet (most of the check-in assignments).

Please keep in mind that by selecting a shift, we are counting on your help. Make sure you can make it before committing. If your schedule changes, please let us know right away by email.


Everyone who signs up for a shift will have access to swag, drinks + snacks at FoCo Comic Con, a Volunteer Thank You Party at 6 PM on Tuesday the 20th at AMC Theaters on Drake + Shields, and our thanks - in addition to being able to attend the Con before and after your volunteer shift at no cost! :-D


Here are a few things to keep in mind while volunteering:
  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  2. Listen to your body. This means hydrate, eat, and keep cool. Stop by the Volunteer Green Room and grab a snack to keep going strong. If you need a break, let us know and we will make it happen!
  3. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes and weather-appropriate clothing/costumes. If you have an outdoors shift, apply and re-apply sunblock!
  4. RSVP here for the Volunteer Thank You Party, 6PM on Tuesday 8/20 at the AMC Theaters on Drake + Shields.

Position Descriptions

  • Friday Vendor Check-In: check-in vendors, give vendors badges, show vendors to their booths.
  • Friday Venue + Vendor Setup Team: assist the Con Staff with hanging banners, prepping the rooms, and getting everything ready for Saturday morning!
  • Saturday Morning Setup Team: perform any last-minute tasks that must be completed (e.g. setup of attendee check-in and panel rooms)
  • Sunday Evening Closeout Team: help us close out the Aztlan Center (vacuuming, cleaning, picking up trash, making sure the venue is left better than when we started!)
  • Parking Attendant: helps guide traffic to open spots and/or food trucks to the correct location. Bounces traffic when the lot is full to an appropriate backup lot.
  • Check-In (Attendee, Vendor, Volunteer, and Programming): uses a spreadsheet to check-in attendees/vendors/volunteers/panelists, assists with badge purchases, and gives badges to attendees as they check-in. Answers questions about the schedule. *This position is mostly seated but is outdoors.
  • Programming Assistant: helps make sure presenters and panelists have the room set up as needed (including cables and projector), start on time, end on time, and have a 5-minute-warning before their panel is due to end. Also makes sure there aren't any disruptive attendees.
  • Superhero Training Grounds: helps our tiniest superheroes through the activities and cleans up afterward resetting the tables and materials back to their original setup.
  • Booth Sitter: wanders the Vendor Hall to allow vendors to take breaks. While the vendors are on break, makes sure that none of the vendor's product walks away. Does not sell any product on behalf of a vendor.
  • Volunteer Green Room Organizer: keeps the green room stocked, clean, and organized. Bounces curious attendees but allows Volunteers, Vendors, and Panelists to snag a quick bite/drink if they need it.
  • Roaming Volunteer: wanders the Con looking for attendees who have questions. Holds an "Ask Me" sign and answers questions about the schedule, panel rooms, and the Con in general.
  • Game Room Volunteer: assists Games Ahoy! to make sure the Game Room is tidy and clean (this includes both the 8-Bit Lounge and the Gryphon Game Room this year).
  • Weapons Check: peace bonds any prop weapons. Ensures all weapons meet our cosplay guidelines (essentially: all prop weapons must appear obviously fake at a glance. No metal, no ceramic, no blunt objects that can hurt any attendee, all gun-like weapons must have an orange tip and trigger zip-tied).
Ghostbusters Brew at Odell

What to Wear

Want to volunteer and cosplay? Good news: you can!! As volunteers are the face of our family-friendly con, there are a few rules we ask volunteers to comply with:
  1. All cosplay must comply with FC3 cosplay rules and be PG-friendly.
  2. Volunteer badges must be displayed at all times.
  3. Volunteers must wear comfortable shoes or sandals - something with a hard sole, and something you know you could walk for miles in.
  4. Do not cover your face with a full face mask. Half masks are acceptable if you can easily make yourself heard.
  5. Props must be left in the Volunteer Green Room during your shift. You'll need both hands free to volunteer! :)
Give your cosplay a second look. Are there any finicky, fragile pieces to your costume? How likely are you to have a wardrobe malfunction while bending down, sitting, sweating, etc.? You may store these cosplays in the Volunteer Green Room to change into after your shift.

If you would like to store your stuff in a super-secure location, bring your own lock in order to use the free lockers at the Aztlan Center. Otherwise, you can put your things in the Volunteer Green Room while on shift.


Ensuring that our volunteers and attendees are safe is our number one priority. Volunteers play a vital role in this by alerting FC3 Staff Members and security to an issue, or something that could become an issue.

Never place yourself in an unsafe situation. If you see a fight, harassment, or other improper behavior, remove yourself from the scene and report it immediately to the Info Desk, Code4 Security, or a Staff Member.

We have Code4 security on-site that are paid to handle these issues. Please relay as much detail as possible and take pictures if possible. How many people were there? What were they wearing? Who was being harassed? Who was the instigator? In cases where the violators run off, these details can help security identify them.

In the event that a child becomes separated from their parents, please contact a staff member and escort them to the Info Booth at the front desk! If they are old enough, ask them their name and when they last saw their parents. On the back of every kids badge is a spot for parents to write a phone number and name.

Remember, listen to your gut and report any suspicious behavior. Keep an eye out for (and do not touch!) unattended bags and children. Stay safe and let security and staff handle security issues.
Harry Potter Takeover 2019 at Barnes and Noble

ADA Tips

Fort Collins Comic Con is inclusive to all abilities. Here are a few tips on how to accommodate disability needs:
  1. Service Animals: Pets are not allowed in the Aztlan Center, however, all service animals are welcome. If you are unsure if the animal is a service animal (they are not required to wear a vest), just ask. A verbal yes is all that's needed. Do not touch, play with, or talk to the service animal. They are on duty. It's courteous to not engage the owner about their service animal. The attendee is here for the Con - not to talk about their animal for the hundredth time.
  2. Accessibility: We do allow for early access into panel rooms and Con entry for physical disabilities. A person who self-identifies as having a disability and needs early entry can enter provided that they already have an Attendee badge.
  3. Awareness: It's always appropriate to offer your assistance. Introduce yourself and ask how you can help. Take the attendee's guidance when helping, and always accept 'no' as an answer. Be considerate and patient with any attendee.
  4. Accommodations: If you are unsure about making an accommodation, refer the attendee to the Info Booth.
And lastly, do NOT ask what a person's disability is.

Customer Service

Following as a close second to safety, customer service is a top priority. Volunteers play a vital role in this by giving attendees, vendors, and guests that special level of customer service.

If someone asks for assistance, your answer should almost always be yes. If we can find a way to accommodate them, we will! If the request is something you don't feel comfortable with meeting, refer them (and physically take them) to the Info Desk where a Staff Member can be reached.

Fort Collins Comic Con is an excellent jumping-off point for beginner Con-goers. Remember to put yourself if their shoes and tell them about all of the different things that happen at a Con: guests, vendors, game rooms, and panels about cosplay, fandoms, writing, cosmetics, trivia, etc. Become familiar with the panel schedule found here.
Kessel Run 2019 Volunteers

Getting to the Con!

Get pumped y'all, Fort Collins Comic Con is THIS WEEKEND!! The Con is located at the Aztlan Community Center at 112 Willow Street just North of Old Town. To start your shift, head to the yellow Check-In area located on the map below. You'll receive your Volunteer badge, a Harassment Checklist card, and a Job Description card when you sign in at the tents.

Please keep in mind that Willow street is ONE WAY EASTBOUND ONLY FROM COLLEGE AVENUE TO LINDEN per the map below.


Because space is limited at the Aztlan Center, please do not park in the Aztlan parking lot. Plan to walk in. A few nearby transport and parking options include:
Limited parking is available closer to the Con on Willow and Linden Streets, but is more likely to be full.

*The Civic Center and Old Town parking garages are $1/hour on Saturday and FREE on Sundays.

When You Arrive

To get started with your shift:
  1. Sign in at the Check-In area at the Volunteers table.
  2. Put on your Volunteer badge - it must be visible. Read over your volunteer description card to find out what you'll be doing.
  3. Go through Weapons Check if you brought any props, and then store them in the Green Room while you're on shift.
  4. Find Brianna, Ben, or Megan to receive instruction.
If you arrive before your shift:
  1. Sign in at the Check-In area at the Volunteers table.
  2. Ask (and sign) for an Attendee badge. Please return to Check-In 5 minutes before your shift begins.
When your shift ends:
  1. Sign out in the Volunteer Green Room.
  2. Trade your Volunteer badge out for an Attendee badge.

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