Fort Collins Comic Con

Howdy Panelists!

We're one week away and so excited to see you.

If you haven't yet, please tell your friends, family, extended relations, and strangers on the street that you'll be presenting at Fort Collins Comic Con. It really helps to boost attendance to everyone's panels!

If you haven't had a chance to review the schedule and rooms yet, check 'em out. Here's a map for you:
Fort Collins Comic Con 2019 Indoor Floor Map

Helpful Info:

  • When you arrive, Panelist Check-In is at the front entryway of the Aztlan Center (there'll be a very large copy of the Panelist badge that directs you to the right table). If other members of your presenting team will be arriving after you, we suggest you leave the badges at Panelist Check-In for them so you don't have to come back out of the Con to get them their badges.
  • Wi-Fi is extremely spotty with 3,000 people accessing it at once – if you need internet, bring your own hotspot or adjust your presentation. Relying on cloud content/streaming video is not a good idea.
  • We *highly suggest* you bring your own laptop, power cables, and connector cables. We have a few backup spares but even our geekiest geeks don't have every single dongle.
  • We *highly suggest* you have a backup of your presentation on a USB drive for easy access if something goes wrong with your primary laptop. We do have a few spares on-site just in case.
  • We *highly suggest* bringing your own Bluetooth speaker that you KNOW works with your laptop if you need sound/audio. We will have some Bluetooth speaker setups available but sometimes it's like trying to get a Klingon warp core into a Romulan Warbird. Don't make Scotty run out of duct tape.
  • If you need a CD/DVD player or something other than speakers, a projector, and a screen, we need to know that in advance. Please alert Mayette at [email protected] as soon as possible.
  • Find your panel room well ahead of time. If you need help finding anything, go to the INFO Desk (it's filled with Librarians and volunteers). There will be Programming Volunteers checking in to make sure panels start and end on time, they will be by to give you "Start" and a "5-Minute Warning" signal. We also have some tech help on-site, but keep in mind your attendees are there to hear from YOU, not your slides - so if things go sideways, bail on the tech.

Tips for a Successful Presentation:

  • Arrive at the venue early or plan to be dropped off; parking will probably be difficult (but we have some helpful tips below).
  • Take care of any tech needs up-front. Connect your laptop to power to avoid any unanticipated powering down events. If you're super worried about tech setup, our entire team will be present from 3 PM to 9 PM on Friday, August 16 at the Aztlan Center.
  • If you are using the projector, check that your screen brightness is adjusted so that everyone can see the screen.
  • Take the time to warm up your speaking voice and hydrate! Have a friend or volunteer confirm that you can be heard from the back of the room.
  • Leave time for questions at the end of your presentation.
  • Keep an eye out for your five-minute warning signal.
  • If you have a rude attendee interrupting your presentation, alert the nearest FC3 volunteer and we will have them escorted out.
  • If you have handouts, make sure to collect any extras/leftovers after the event. Recycle where possible.
  • Ping us with any questions in advance. We can almost always help if we have enough lead time!

A Note About Traffic/Parking

Getting TO the Aztlan Center is a little crazy right now thanks to some well-timed construction. Keep in mind Willow Street is ONE WAY from College to Linden, so plan on approaching from College.

While we do have parking at the Aztlan Center, it fills up quickly. Here are some options for you (in addition to the Odell Brewing dirt lot on Lincoln Avenue) that you can utilize. Plan to arrive early or be dropped off (the Max bus is only 2ish blocks away and is a great option).

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