Barnes + Noble Takeover

Howdy Volunteers!

We're bringing back one of our biggest events of the year: the Harry Potter Birthday Bash Takeover at Barnes and Nobles on College Avenue. This year, it'll be Wednesday, July 31st from 6:30PM onward and we need about 6 more volunteers willing to sport their very best House colors.

Volunteer signup for Fort Collins Comic Con itself is also wide open and ready for you to jump in - remember that volunteers get free access to the Con before and after their assignment!

Here's a link to the schedule so you can plan your best spot!

In case this is your first year volunteering with us or you were the victim of a Memory Charm from the Ministry of Magic and can't remember, we love our volunteers! We have awesome treats for the volunteers at the Con (including a volunteer break room) and a volunteer appreciation movie party with tons of geeky prizes to win!

We can't wait to work with you (again) this year :-)
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