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Kessel Runners 2019
Kessel Runners
Are you ready to run!? Catch all the details on what to expect below!

This Saturday’s run takes off at 10:30 AM.
Check-in at 10:20 AM!

When there's something strange on the Spring Creek Trail, who ya gonna call?! The Fort Collins Ghostbusters!

"We're ready to believe in you" as we approach that 3-mile mark in the Kessel Runners Program! To celebrate, after the run we'll be joining the Ghostbusters at Totally 80's Pizza for a party! (BYOPizza) **Parking somewhat limited, Totally 80s is within walking distance from Spring Park.**

Run Route:

Where? We'll be meeting at Spring Park - between the fire station and playground off Matthews Street. Keep an eye out for the Ectomobile as we know the Ghostbusters will be out investigating a strange psychomagnatheric slimeflow forming nearby.
Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 8.59.51 AM
Course: Now, we know you're not supposed to cross the streams, so we'll just run along side them on a 2.75 mi out-and-back course through the Mallards Nest. Our segments: walk 4, run 10, walk 4, run 4, repeating until finished. Plan on about 35 minutes for the run and the pizza portion of our festivities will begin around 11:30.

Check-In: Stop at the registration table so we can check you in and tally up your points!

Weather: We’ll have a mostly cloudy morning in the mid 50's, but since this is Colorado, check the forecast 15 minutes before you head out.

What to Wear: Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics such as polyester are preferable. Loose clothing that you can easily breathe in is best. Layers are key! You will be able to leave your jackets and water bottles at the check-in table so feel free to arrive bundled up.
Shoes: Wear comfortable running shoes (no, Chucks and Vans are not appropriate footwear) that are already broken in. If you have new shoes, break them in today with a walk! We don't want any new shoes slowing you down with blistered heels!

Course Rules: The trails are public and popular. There will be bikes, skateboards, and dogs coming and going around you. Be courteous and safe by taking up no more than half of the trail. Passing bikes may ring a bell or yell "On your left!" when passing. Take a moment to make sure you’re in your lane. Stay aware of your surroundings, and leave your headphones at home.

Course Elements: Everybody knows The Gardens on Spring Creek are haunted, right? While constructing their new stage, rumor has it they unearthed a terrible tone-deaf demon. What other hideous horrors will you encounter along the way?

Our hero/villain adversaries have upgraded! Being tagged by them will now = -1 Kessel Point (at your discretion/honor system). Assist the Ghostbusters in reigning in gnarly ghouls and you'll be earning yourself a point!

Flag Belt Upgrade Achieved! We'll have the flag belts available for this mighty run! Wearing flag belt = +1 Kessel Point

Join us on Tuesday after the Practice Run for
(Foam Rolling Part 2)

***NOTE: Limited to 12 Runners! Please RSVP and update your status ASAP if your plan to attend changes.***
RSVP at:

We had so much fun, we're going back!

We'll visit the stretching geeks at StraightLine Fitness Studio again after our regular Tuesday Training Run! (Literally right across the parking lot of Dungeons and Drafts.)

Amanda will roll you through a foam-rolling program specific for runners. Then you can do this at home on your own to level up your healing powers.

Clinic is Tuesday April 23rd at 6:30pm, 30 minutes, and complimentary for all Kessel Runners in training. Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and settle in. Wear clothes that you can move in (typical workout / yoga / movie lounge clothes) we can provide rollers and mats. If you would like to purchase a roller, you can do so after class.

All attendees will be given a pass for future stretching with Amanda. This will be for one on one Rossiter Stretching to take your healing to warp speed. Details in class!

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