Fort Collins Comic Con
Be Our Hero: Volunteer!

New Volunteer Spots
For FC3's Kessel Run
Now Open

Also: Barnes + Noble Afterparty
Needs 2 Volunteers!

We need your help in a galaxy far, far away!
(actually... Library Park is conveniently located right near Old Town Library).

We're looking for volunteers to help us for the 2019 Kessel Run on May 4th at Old Town Library. Volunteer spots run about an hour or two between 8AM to 1PM. The setup begins roughly around 8AM and the event goes until Noon with tear-down ending at 1PM - plenty of time to enjoy the day and hit up Gryphon's Free Comic Book Day and Barnes and Noble's Star Wars After Party :-D

Snag your spot now to make sure you get your preference!

To RSVP to Volunteer for the Barnes + Noble Star Wars afterparty, email Harrison at [email protected] - they need 1-2 volunteers to help with the costume walk and the LEGO build!

As a reminder, every hour you volunteer earns you free entry into the con. 8 volunteer hours are required at secondary events to earn a free entry, and every little bit helps!

As an added bonus: if you have a Star Wars cosplay, bring it! If not, we have about 3 simple Stormtrooper costumes through the Library available for use.

P.S.: we're using a new sign-up method this year. Let us know what you think and if you like it better than SignUpGenius! :-D

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