Fort Collins Comic Con

Booth applications for
Fort Collins Comic Con 2019
are now open!

We want YOU to fill out a booth application for Fort Collins Comic Con 2019, August 17 and 18 at Northside Aztlan Community Center and join us as we reach $100,000 in donations for the Poudre River Public Library District's children's literacy efforts.

We're planning a few fun additions this year, including opportunities for promotion through Con exclusives, a partnership with Odell Brewing, programming cornerstones which will increase foot traffic, and podcast interviews with YOU! We're also bringing back vendor training with our sponsor partner WTF Marketing.

Each year you step your creative game and we can't wait to see what you bring this year!

FC3 Booths 2018

Booth Application FAQ

  • What is the Booth Cost?:
- 1 standard booth = $75
- 1 electric booth = $80
- 1 student booth = $35 per artist. Each artist gets HALF of a booth (NOTE: These are SHARED booths. Example: 1 college student + 1 HS student at one table). There is a limited quantity of these booths available.
      • The prices listed are for the whole event, not daily (for example, a standard booth is only $75 TOTAL for both days).
    • How many booth spaces are available?: 154 (42 of which have access to power).
    • How many badges are included with a booth?: 2. You may purchase up to 10 additional badges for your team for $15 each.
    • Can my booth have electricity?: Yes (see the map above) – you must bring your OWN POWER STRIP AND EXTENSION CORDS. Booths with power are ALONG THE WALLS OF THE VENUE. You cannot have power if you are in an interior row.
    • Does the venue have WiFi?: Yes, but you’ll want to bring your own hotspot.
    • How big is the booth?: Each table is 8′ x 30″. The aisles are 8′ wide. The space between the back of tables is 9′ (that is: you have 4.5′ space behind you before the next booth begins). There is a 12″ gap between each table.
    • What else is included?: Two chairs + a plastic tablecloth.
    • Do I have to load in on Friday?: Exceptions may be made, but you must contact the vendor coordinator in advance to see if they will be able to accommodate you. Friday load-in is 3PM to 8PM on August 16, 2019.
    • Does filling out this form guarantee me a spot?: No. This form adds you to the interest list. When we open up booth sales, you’ll have to move quickly to snag your spot. Only payment and a signed contract guarantee your spot.
    • Can I split a booth?: Yes, but you’ll both need to fill out the vendor paperwork and abide by the Con rules. You cannot split a student booth (as it would result in 3 artists at one booth).
    • Can I turn my booth? Yes, but we’ll swap your 8′ table with a 6′ table to do this instead so you don’t intrude on the aisle. Please let us know well in advance if this is your plan.
    • Can I bring a tent? Strongly discouraged unless it’s 8’x5′ or smaller.
    • Can I hang things on the wall/tape things to the floor? Yes, HOWEVER: you must use gaffer’s/painter’s tape and non-destructive material like 3M hooks for hanging things on the wall. You will be responsible for paying for any repairs due to damage in your booth area.
    • Do I have to use the tables you provide? Nope. You can bring your own 8’x30″ or smaller tables (make sure they have pads on the feet). Please let us know well in advance if this is your plan.
    • Is a student booth really one table that is split for two artists? Yes, two students sit at one 8′ booth – the Con team picks another student from the vendor list to sit with you, but you may request your partner if you’d like. Each student artist pays for their half of the booth and MUST be an accepted vendor in the Con This means that each student needs to fill out a waiver.
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