Fort Collins Comic Con
Kessel Runners 2019
Superhero Hero Run - 4.13.2019
Are you ready to run!? Catch all the details on what to expect below!

This Saturday’s run takes off at 10:30 AM.
Check-in at 10:20 AM!

Word on the street is that there are mutant poison dart frogs coming out of the water by the Statue of Liberty!

Who will save the day? The Kessel Runners!

Be sure to bring your best superhero attire, and don't forget your own unique superpower(s) which skills we might require.

An ancient prophecy states the only way to save the day from this dastardly blight: Running around the pond one long clockwise lap around followed by a smaller counter-clockwise loop.

***Don't forget to bring water with you on the course as it gets warmer and as we move into more challenging distances and intervals.***

...What does “Excelsior” mean? “Upward and onward to greater glory!” - Stan Lee

Where: Fort Collins City Park. We'll meet mid-park by the pond near the intersection of City Park Drive and Sheldon Drive.
Superhero Run Map
Course: We’ll be walk-running a 2.5-mile course looping around City Park lake and a portion of the park, running in 8-minute increments and walking in 5-minute increments. Stretching starts at 10:30 AM and the Run begins at 10:40 AM (plan on about 32 minutes for the pacing).

Check-In: Stop at the registration table so we can check you in and tally up your points!

Weather: We’ll have a mostly cloudy morning in the mid 30's, but since this is Colorado, check the forecast 15 minutes before you head out.

What to Wear: Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics such as polyester are preferable. Loose clothing that you can easily breathe in is best. Layers are key! You will be able to leave your jackets and water bottles at the check-in table so feel free to arrive bundled up.
Shoes: Wear comfortable running shoes (no, Chucks and Vans are not appropriate footwear) that are already broken in. If you have new shoes, break them in today with a walk! We don't want any new shoes slowing you down with blistered heels!

Course Rules: The trails are public and popular. There will be bikes, skateboards, and dogs coming and going around you. Be courteous and safe by taking up no more than half of the trail. Passing bikes may ring a bell or yell "On your left!" when passing. Take a moment to make sure you’re in your lane. Stay aware of your surroundings, and leave your headphones at home.

Course Elements: A prophecy alone could not possibly account for the size and scale of the Poison Dart Frog problem... perhaps you may encounter a Supervillain or two along the way!

Our hero/villain adversaries have upgraded! Being tagged by them will now = -1 Kessel Point (at your discretion/honor system). You may utilize your Kessel Runner superpowers to thwart your foes or assist your allies!

Flag Belt Upgrade Achieved! We'll have the flag belts available for this mighty run! Wearing flag belt = +1 Kessel Point

Join us on Tuesday after the Practice Run for an INTRO TO Dungeons and Dragons!

Come join us inside Dungeons & Drafts after our Tuesday training run for an easy-flowing RPG in a D&D style format. All materials provided. We'll be playing with somewhat pre-built characters, but be sure add your own flavor!

If you've never played a tabletop RPG, our dungeon master Colin McIntyre will guide you through the ins and outs of how to navigate the fantasy world we'll be exploring! :-)

***Don't forget we receive a Kessel Runners discount on Tuesday nights after our training runs! Be sure to enjoy some of Dungeons & Drafts expansively geeky menu!***

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