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Kessel Runners 2019
Harry Potter Hero Run - 4-6-2019
Are you ready to run!? Catch all the details on what to expect below!

This Saturday’s run takes off at 10:30 AM.
Check-in at 10:20 AM!

Calling all muggles and wizards alike! Whether you're a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin this week's Hero Run will put a spell on you.

Make sure to bring a wand! Anything will do, because after all the magic comes from within you!

After the run, we’ll be hanging out at the FCMoD Café and attending education XT - FCMoD Aurora Dome Show @ 11:30.

Where: We’ll be meeting near the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, feel free to use the FCMoD parking lot but please try to park near the run start.
Harry Potter Run Map
Course: We’ll be walk-running a 2.25-mile course heading West along the Poudre Trail near FCMoD, running in 6-minute increments and walking in 4-minute increments. Stretching starts at 10:30 AM and the Run begins at 10:40 AM (plan on about 30 minutes for the pacing).

Check-In: Stop at the registration table so we can check you in and tally up your points!

Weather: We’ll have a partly cloudy morning in the mid 50's, but since this is Colorado, check the forecast 15 minutes before you head out.

What to Wear: Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics such as polyester are preferable. Loose clothing that you can easily breathe in is best. Layers are key! You will be able to leave your jackets and water bottles at the check-in table so feel free to arrive bundled up.
Shoes: Wear comfortable running shoes (no, Chucks and Vans are not appropriate footwear) that are already broken in. If you have new shoes, break them in today with a walk! We don't want any new shoes slowing you down with blistered heels!

Course Rules: The trails are public and popular. There will be bikes, skateboards, and dogs coming and going around you. Be courteous and safe by taking up no more than half of the trail. Passing bikes may ring a bell or yell "On your left!" when passing. Take a moment to make sure you’re in your lane. Stay aware of your surroundings, and leave your headphones at home.

Course Elements: You never know what magical creatures you'll encounter along the Poudre River (or for that matter, whether every wand-carrying wizard you meet is a friend, foe, or something in between).

Our hero/villain adversaries have upgraded! Being tagged by them will now = -1 Kessel Point (at your discretion/honor system). Use your wand to defend yourself with magic and disarm your opponents.

Flag Belt Upgrade Achieved! We'll have the flag belts available for this magical run! Wearing flag belt = +1 Kessel Point

Your Mission: We suspect the Deatheaters may be working on creating horcruxes for a new Dark Lord, so if you come across a member of Dumbledore's Army, snag a piece of intel. MACUSA has also provided some historical intel which may be of extra special importance. If you encounter a Deatheater, don't hesitate to defend yourself - they're incredibly dangerous and cunning.

Join us right after the run for Experience The Aurora at the FCMoD Dome Theater!

***NOTE: Limited to 20 Runners! Please RSVP and update your status ASAP if your plan to attend changes.*** RSVP at:

Continue the magic and wonder of our Harry Potter Hero Run in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater at FCMoD with the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery! We'll head over to the FCMoD Cafe after the run for a short break, then we'll go into the Dome Theater for the show at 11:30!

About the Show:
"Experience the Aurora"
Over seven months in the Arctic Circle, our crews captured timelapse images of the Aurora Borealis with high resolution digital SLR cameras outfitted with fisheye lenses. The results are spectacular. For the first time the aurora has been captured as it was meant to be experienced, as a display that covers the entire sky. This immersive show shares the science behind the aurora and tells the story of our quest to find and photograph the aurora for wraparound display in full-dome theaters.

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