Some Cool Things Happened On Our First Pokéwalk!

The First Fort Collins Comic Con PokeWalk was a success! One of our walkers cosplayed as Vaporeon (you can see her cosplay at the Con)

Jynx at AztlanWe gathered at noon on Sunday outside the Aztlan Center and got the lay of the land. Our PokéWalkers caught a Jynx right off the bat – avid collectors will want to know that the center is a hotspot for that type right now. Who knows what other Pokémon will spawn there?

We hit probably around 10-15 pokéstops til our bags were full of Pokéballs, and while we went down Pateros Creek Alley we encountered a puppy adoption! Goes to show that you find more than just Pokémon when you get out and go for a walk, even if you are looking at your phone! While we wanted to catch ’em all, it was time to move along.


As we walked, our trainers traded tips about Pokémon spawn locations and the best times to find particular Pokémon. Great information trading for avid trainers. Team Instinct joined together and overthrew a Valor owned Gym near Old Town Library.

Scavenger hunt freebieInside the Poudre River Public Library District’s Old Town Library there was a Pokémon scavenger hunt that almost stumped this 27-year-old.

Thanks to some particularly dedicated Librarians at the Poudre River Public Library district, the kiddo scavenger hunt had been beefed up, with a total of 30 pokémon to find hidden around the Library both upstairs and downstairs. It took our 4-person team about an hour to find em all, but for younger brains, this could be an all-day activity that keeps them active and challenges their minds. The Librarians are always offering tips and clues if you’re particularly stuck. Library staff said the scavenger hunt will make repeat appearances from time to time, so check in often.

Pokemon Target closeup

There was also a craft room set up with instructions on how to make different Pokémon, or just let your creative juices flow. This will also have an appearance at the Con for the younger crowd to keep their hands busy and generate some cool souvenirs. You can make and keep Pokéballs or use them to try your hand at the Pokémon Target game. Hit a Pokémon, get a prize, like a special 3D printed badge of your team. They even come in the right colors: Red for Valor, Blue for Mystic, and Yellow for Instinct.

3D Printed Badge (Mystic)

Lures up at LibraryFort Collins Comic Con sponsors paid for lures to be placed around the library for most of the afternoon. Thanks to WTF Marketing, City of Fort Collins Fort Fund, Millennium Tattoo, Ward Orthodontics, and The Weedin Agency! From one special bench, you can hit 3 Pokestops at once, which is great if you need to stock up on Pokéballs fast!

Pokemon catch highlights:
Jynx, Raichu, Drowzee, Ponyta, Geodude, Cubone, Diglett, Meowth, Eevee, and Mankey, as well as lots of Pidgeys and Rattatas, and a total of 3 eggs were hatched on the walk. Be sure to join us for the next one!

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